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yamapi96 [userpic]

This used to be my translation journal for Hey!Say!JUMP, but since I'm busy now and all, and fandom has changed much, so I'm mainly updating with fanreports and daily life and such XD;; The translations, radio shows and all that will still be public here though, so don't worry about it ^^

Anyway, a quick introduction for those who don't know me already XD

Name: Amber
Location: Singapore
Age: 16
Languages: English, Chinese, Japanese, Korean (can manage basic conversation)
Instruments: Piano, bass clarinet
More about me: I stan Dae Guk Nam Ah/The BOSS/whatever you call them, and although I love all of the members, Hyunchul (Karam) ranks a little higher XD;; <3 My other top group would be N-Train, where Jungkyun is my bias. I also like Shinhwa (Minwoo), BB.BOYS (Siwoo), Dalmatian (Daniel), F.I.X (Ohsong) and MYNAME (Insoo). Besides K-POP, I listen to J-POP/ROCK as well, and I stan WEAVER (Okkun/Okuno Shota) and listen to flumpool, NICO Touches the Walls, MeguMild, ONExONE, GOOD ON THE REEL and many more, and occasionally C-POP (although my obsession with that is kinda over lol), where I stan Derrick Hoh, Jeno Liu and Fahrenheit (Arron). I do covers and post them up on Youtube (my Youtube channel is linked above), so if anyone is interested please rate and comment! <3

Have fun looking around my journal!

yamapi96 [userpic]

Lol, decided to make a list and keep a record for myself XDDD;; Will be updated.

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yamapi96 [userpic]

Yeah so I've been neglecting this blog again lol.
Haven't done up the second part of the WEAVER/Applicat Spectra live report yet and now WEAVER's coming again XDDD
I'll find time to do it up.

But before that I just want to make a quick post about my Sapporo trip in June.
I went there for an exchange programme for two weeks, and it was a homestay as well so I got to stay in a Japanese home for two weeks, as well as go to school there.
I won't go into details because that'd take too much time, but let me just summarise my thoughts.

It felt really really good to be able to go back to Japan, after two years (and to Hokkaido again)
Like when the plane landed in Haneda Airport and we all got off the plane...I felt really refreshed and happy.
I think I can safely say that Japan is my favourite country ever...after this trip I don't even want to go anywhere else for holiday, it's either Japan or nothing lol. but of course if my parents bring me somewhere else i won't resist.
I gained so many new experiences from this trip, sitting in a kotatsu for the first time is one of them. (I've always wanted to do that. /deprived)
I've learnt so many new things, met so many amazing people, and I was really truly happy in the two weeks over there.
When I'm in Singapore so many things weigh me down and I'm constantly bitter and complaining, but no, not over there.
Small simple things like an ohayo every morning, saying arigato when someone hands you something, eating breakfast and dinner together as a family, walking to school and talking on the way, make me so happy. Small simple things that I somehow can't do when I'm back home.
Is it just our family? No good mornings and thank yous, no time to eat breakfast and dinner together. Everyone's absorbed in their own world, rushing for time. Honestly when I came back I did want to try to say thank you and good morning, but I couldn't bring myself to do it.
I've been thinking a lot since I came back, but I think I've somehow gotten used to not thinking about it anymore.
Also, with this trip, my will to study and live in Japan has strengthened. I'm no longer thinking about it as  "I might", but as "I will". I've made up my mind not to let anyone make me waver in my decision, and that it will be something that I will accomplish.
Honestly speaking it's been a month since I came back, and in this month my determination to work hard has waned quite a bit, and I'm so lenient with myself, but I'm just going to try my best and do what I can.

Yeah that's about it. Going for tuition now.
See you all...some other time lol.

yamapi96 [userpic]

Just re-read my previous entry and realised my tone sounded horrible ><
I'm sorry :c (edited it x:)

But ugh the live was pretty much the best concert I've ever been to...the music was amazing.
Both bands amazed me so much playing live omg ;;
And not to mention the crazy fanservice that I got omg ldsajflsdjfk
I shall get this report over and done with...I wrote a really long Japanese version on my ameblo right after the live ended, but somehow was just too lazy to write it here...and I've been busy /:
So before I start talking about the actual live, I'll just write a small bit about what I did before that XD

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yamapi96 [userpic]

It's been ages since I've updated livejournal lol. Too lazy for fanreports, plus I haven't been going for that many events so...nugu groups never come to Singapore :c

...until 2 weeks ago. Okay this isn't a kpop idol event, but damn I am so hyped up for this ydek.

WEAVER. IS. COMING. TO. TOWN. (singapore lol)

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yamapi96 [userpic]

I had a dream about me and Jay. Yeah like, Jay from The BOSS, Dae Guk Nam Ah, Jeon Jihwan. WHICH IS CRAZY BECAUSE I ALMOST NEVER HAVE IDOL DREAMS. And this one was superbly long and incredibly amazing.
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yamapi96 [userpic]


One Love, One Way, One Sound~Collapse )

yamapi96 [userpic]

Lol, reason why it's called Day 2 and the rest of it is because we didn't sleep for the entire night and Day 3 was pretty much non-existent so. XD;; Sorry for the late update, couldn't be bothered to log onto LJ and I've been watching stuff lately so XD

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yamapi96 [userpic]

So. I just came back from stalking for Kpop Night tomorrow. Saw all 4 bands (ZE:A, Infinite, Dae Guk Nam Ah, and F.T. Island) that were scheduled to arrive today. Fanreport starts now~

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yamapi96 [userpic]

Only because it was requested lol. Yabu's lyrics are nice, but confusing to translate ;_; I'll translate INFINITY...some other time I think. Will get down to my writing portfolio now.

Some parts are a little ambiguous so I'm not exactly sure what he meant...so I just added in whatever I thought it is haha. And gosh this took me 2 hours. /facepalms Oh and lol at the engrish adlibs xD shiny dream whut xD

Well here it is!

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